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IKMS Law Offices, have merged as of 15th of December 2007 in a quest for delivering up-to-date legal services to meet domestic and international clients' needs in a world of globalization. IKMS law firm possesses twenty years of experience in the legal arena.

Our office has a deep expertise on commercial, corporate and business law practice, administrative law issues, intellectual property areas and white collar crimes, and product liability matters.

We believe in the necessity of attorney - client privacy, and keep all information we get to know about our clients strictly confidential. Since the trust between attorney and the client is the key element for representation, we provide all information regarding the legal services rendered by our office to our clients, before and after a legal step is taken.

Our office and colleagues keep themselves up-to-date with the amendments to the legislation, the jurisdictions of the Court of Appeal, and decisions/directives of the governmental and European Union institutions. Thanks to close relations with legal departments of the Universities and individually the scientists, the experience and knowledge of our office on the subject matter continuously improves.

We make every effort to have the work performed by our colleagues with the lowest billing rates consistent with the level of skill and experience. Expenses made for the representation are reimbursed by our clients.

We compose and designate a legal team for representing each of our client, experienced in the subject matter of the legal services rendered, and our of counsels provide deep legal or technical support on complex issues thanks to their profession in their scientific areas. Practicing legal services in means of flexibility, accuracy and promptness are also amongst the established qualities of our law office.

Lale Sok. No:15 Levent/ISTANBUL 34330 TURKIYE  Phone: +90 212 269 72 72 (pbx)  Fax: +90 212 281 36 30  E-mail: info@ikmshukuk.com